What is your organization interested in? Are there current efforts to become more formal or informal?

1. We have defined what we want our people to know and do 

2. We're committed to our people coming to their own conclusions about what and how they learn 

3. We can trust that our people will learn on their own to competently perform their jobs 

4. We must prove that our people can do it before we release them to do the work 

5. Our people must be fluent at the work, doing things quickly and accurately 

6. Our people are skilled knowledge workers who handle the unpredictable and various, making it hard to specify all they need to know to succeed 

7. We want our people to use their wits and figure things out for themselves 

8. It can be dangerous or costly if our people attempt to do the work before they are prepared 

9. Our people want to know this and tend to seek lessons and information on their own 

10. Our people can be resistant or disinterested and tend not to study on their own

11. We value and measure individual progress, then tailor individual paths to growth

12. We must prove to regulators that our people know this 

13. We want them to lean on each other and to develop shared resources and communities across the organization

14. We must authenticate messages and lessons with experts, compliance or legal teams

15. The important thing is that they work together and establish relationships and collaboration habits 

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