Comparative Study of EPSS
Nguyen, F., Klein, J.D., Sullivan, H.
This article details an experimental study that examines the effect of Gloria Gery's three types of electronic performance support systems (intrinsic, extrinsic, and external) on the performance and attitudes of corporate employees on a software procedure.

Case Study of Podcasting in Corporate Training
Nguyen, F., Giordano, M.
This article examines the use of podcasting and vodcasting to deliver timely product information to a company's highly mobile salesforce. The company found that employees self-selected vodcasts consistently more than podcasts, attitude scores improved, and potential cost savings were estimated at over 90%.

Effect of EPSS and Training as Interventions
Nguyen, F., Klein, J.D.
This article details an experimental study that examines the effect of different combinations of performance support and training on the performance and attitudes of corporate employees on a complex tax procedure.

Effect of EPSS and Training on Performer Attitudes
Nguyen, F.
This article details the second portion of the experimental study above with particular focus on how different combinations of training and performance support affected performer attitudes.

Efficiency in Learning
Clark, R.C., Nguyen, F., Sweller, J.
It was my distinct honor to collaborate with Dr. Ruth Colvin Clark and Dr. John Sweller on this book that summarizes over twenty-five years of research in cognitive load theory. It focuses on the results from numerous empirical studies, practical instructional design principles derived from the research, and CD-based examples and non-examples that bring the suggested guidelines to life.

Efficiency in eLearning
Nguyen, F., Clark, R.C.
This article, published through the eLearning Guild Learning Solutions eMagazine, summarizes a handful of the instructional design principles from the Efficiency in Learning book.

eLearning Isn’t Everything: Adapting Instructional Design to a Web 2.0 World
Nguyen, F.
This chapter reexamines how the age-old practice of instructional design and how it must embrace not just formal but informal learning.

Expertise and Electronic Performance Support Systems
Nguyen, F.
This article introduces the notion that the use of EPSS and training as performance interventions should be implemented with respect the users' level of expertise.

Journey from Formal Learning to Performance Support
Lanese, L., Nguyen, F.
This article describes one organization's ten-year transition from ILT to eLearning to performance support.

Learning Experience Design
Nguyen, F.
This chapter lays out a methodology on how to shift from the design of learning events to the design of learning experiences.

Linking vs Searching
Nguyen, F., Hanzel, M.
This article examines a case study of an organization that explored the use of different types of performance support interventions for the past four years. Results show that systems that link to relevant support content were used significantly more than systems that required the performer to search for and locate information.

Nguyen, F., Hanzel, M.
This article proposes the notion that reusing learning objects shouldn't be just for training. With the right strategy and infrastructure, learning objects can be used to support on-the-job performance.

Maximizing learning using visuals, audio in Captivate 3
Nguyen, F.
This article provides an overview of evidence-based instructional media design principles and how to apply these guidelines to the development of web-based training in Adobe Captivate 3.

Needs Assessment of EPSS
Nguyen, F.
This article examines a study conducted with end users and human performance technologists from the ASTD Benchmarking Forum to determine the type of electronic performance support systems that corporate employees would find valuable and useful.

Practitioner's Guide for Designing EPSS
Nguyen, F., Woll, C.
This article offers an EPSS design model that can be readily applied by human performance technologists to address their customer's performance problems.

Scenario-Based Learning in Captivate 2
Nguyen, F.
This article provides an overview of scenario-based learning, how to design SBL for e-Learning delivery, and how to develop one using Adobe Captivate 2.

Strategic Technology Planning in Higher Education
Nguyen, F., Frazee, J.
This article describes a process and case study used to conduct strategic technology planning for the purposes of classroom and online instruction for a large metropolitan public university.

Trends & Issues in Performance Support
Nguyen, F.
This chapter, which is part of the third edition of Trends & Issues in instructional design and technology, examines how far performance support has evolved, where it is today and how it is changing.