My parents came to the United States after the Vietnam War with nothing more than three kids, one on the way (me!) and a few cases of cigarettes to barter with in the refugee camps.

I grew up as a product of urban public education. Fascinated with numbers, I came up with a mathematical theorem in 7th grade. Fascinated with organizing and problem solving, I published several yearbooks and newspapers including an ACP-award winner.

I dreamed of becoming a pro cyclist in Europe, but fortunately information technology paid the bills in college. I went on to earn an MCSE during the dot com boom, got laid off during the dot com bust, got rehired for twice the pay as a consultant (ironic, huh?) but ultimately decided a change of scenery was in order.

As part of my masters degree in an obscure field called educational technology, I had to complete a three-month internship which turned into a ten-year stint back in corporate. Over that time, I decided to add a few more letters (PhD). I now spend my time as an academic in corporate solving the meaty problems that others shy away from, and as a corporate type in academia bringing battle scars to help prepare the future of our field.


  • American Express Corporation
    Financial Services
  • San Diego State University
    Higher Education
  • Intel Corporation
    Manufacturing, High-Tech
  • MicroAge Corporation
    Distribution & Logistics, High-Tech
  • Jostens Incorporated
    Printing & Publishing